AMC actively demands quality, passes various professional certifications, and cooperates with customer needs, actively introduces other professional certifications, and hopes to meet customer needs in terms of product quality, production efficiency and customer service, so that cooperation can be smooth and create a win-win situation Opportunity.

Environmental, Occupational Safety and Health Policy

  • Comply with laws and regulations, support environmental protection policy
  • Implement safety and health management, and effectively prevent occupational disasters
  • Continue to reduce pollution and achieve waste reduction
  • Strengthen chemical safety protection and reduce hazard risk

AMC has taken honesty, professionalism, and service as its business philosophy, and has continued to innovate to meet market demands since the establishment of the company. It is increasing day by day, when the general public's requirements for environmental protection & occupational safety and health. As a member of society, AMC promises to all employees, customers and society that we carry out in a reliable and environmentally friendly & occupational safety and health manner during production and service, reducing waste and occupational disasters, and continue to effectively improve the environment & occupational safety and health management system.

  Taiwan Dong Guan
IATF16949 0367208
ISO9001 ARES/TW/I2003052Q UQ181565R201
ISO14001 ARES/TW/I2003052E UE180431R201
ISO45001 ARES/TW/I2003052S