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2016 Dec. Disposal of investment business, Suzhou Alliance Material Co.,Ltd. located in China.
2015 Dec. LED materials applied in package process pilot-running.
  Dec. Support film of auto-continuous processing product developed .
Apr. High temperature thermal off product developed
2014 Oct. Thermal off product launched.
  Aug. Replenishment of earnings , 9,000K NT. Capital increase to 321,169K NT.
Jan. PU protection film mass production
2013 Dec. PU protection film applied in HC film developed.
  Oct. Anti-statics protection film launched.
Aug. Protection film of new coating line (OEM) pilot-running successfully
2012 Sep. Successful development of using UV cured adhesion reducing protective film in OGS process and mass production.
  Aug. Successful development of optical fast adhering PU protective film for touch panel and mass production.
Jan. Set up trading division to promote electronic material
  May. Successful development of OCA/explosion prevention film cutting technology and mass production.
2011 Dec. Successful development of optical acrylic protective film for touch panel and mass production.
  Nov. Successful development of self-healing UV resin for prism film and mass production.
  Mar. Successful development of UV cured adhesion reducing glue.
2010 Jul. Successful development of high refraction UV resin for prism film and mass production.
  Jul. Successful development of using adhesion reducing tape in flexible device producing process.
2009 Dec. Obtain 18 patents including TP equipment, lamination producing process and so on.
Nov. Awarded 16th Taiwan SME's Innovation Award.
  Aug. Established Touch Panel BU and Plants in Taiwan and China.
2008 Nov. Successful development of touch panel optical glue lamination technology (Vimost).
Aug. Successful development of light-shielding tape and mass production.
2007 Dec. Move TW plant form Taipei to HsinChu
  Nov. Listed on Emerging Stock.
  Mar. Awarded 13th Taiwan SME's Innovation Award
2006 Oct. Established attached Technical Research laboratory
  Mar. Set up converting line of optical film for BLU/ TV
2003 Mar. Established AMC (Su-Zhou) Co. in China
2002 Mar. Established Plant in Guan-Dong ,China
2001 Oct. Development of muti-layer die-cutting technology /Applied for patent
  Aug. Established AMC Hong-Kong office (Wealthy way limit Co.)
1995 Sep. Established Alliance Material Company



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